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Taking It To the Streets

Well last night I broke down and got AOL IM... It's all good thanks to my favorite Jordan. :-) So here I am in AIM land. I mostly added a lot of LJ friends from my friends list, which is kinda big but cool. I may keep it for as long as the thing is free for, and we'll see what happens afterwards... I'm thinking about getting rid of ICQ, since I never use it and no is hardly ever online in there anymore. So I see no point in having it, ever. Plus I'm sure those people in ICQland probably have AOL IM, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Last but not least for now, I just wanna wish Austin and my all-time, old and favorite friend, Nate a wonderful Happy Birthday!! Nate turned 19 and Austin turned 17. WooHoo!!

Have a great day, and it can only happen.... Only On Tuesdays!!
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