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Randomest spillings from me today

Wow, what a laid back, boring weekend it's been for me. But it's ok, cuz I got some stuff done that I've been procrastinating on. I did a huge update on my Computer Address Book and entered all my new and old friends in there. Right now, it's humungous! (sp??) There's about 120 people in my address book, which is great! So that's done.

I caught up on a whole bunch of sleep that I didn't get much of during the week. So I guess I'm ready to start back at work tomorrow and make the best of it for 5 hours.

Well, the rest of my family either doesn't know or refuses to notify my dad and I to see what's up with the services for my great Aunt. I'm sure that her funeral already happened, if not this weekend. I've just thought about her a lot this weekend, and glad that she's released in a better place than where she was. I still miss her, but I've learned to let her go too.

I can't wait till Wednesday, if it all works out. Jordan knows what I'm talking about. ;-) I'm hoping to work something out where I can go into work early and leave early, so I can hang out with Alex and Jordan for the afternoon and part of the night, who knows. We'll see what happens by then.

Time to eat and maybe sleep more. Laterz..

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