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Backwards Events Entry

i just got back from the Oasis. Only On Tuesdays played tonight, and as usual, they rocked really hard!! I did the usual thing, except taking pictures, since I forgot and lazy. It's ok, since I alread y have pics of them, but not developed yet. Anyways, they played a new song, which rocks!! They'll be playing again on August 2nd, and Colin will be plaing by himself, since Blaine's outta town camping and who knows what's up with the rest of the band. But it should be good. I'll be asking a lot of people (mainly friends of mine and a few co-workers) to come with me to it, since Colin might cancel the show if there's not enough people to go and see it.

I ran into a few cool peeps from Tam, which was sweet. Met new people as well, so it wasn't too bad. I called Jordan to see if he could make it at the Oasis, and he couldn't, which sucked. I missed him. But it's all good.

Work was good, kinda went by fast though. But it was alright. Got paid too. After work, MD was kind and sweet enough to run me up to Larkspur, and possibly catch a bus to San Rafael from there. So it all worked out, but traffic was so stupid and bad! I miss MD too.

I'm off to sleep, long week and need to restart again. Laterz.
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