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I'm Not Making Sense

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to those people who have been wishing me the best from my family tragedy. I'm doing much better now, and my dad's still a little depressed about it all, but slowly trying to get over it too.

Work has been stressful, long with its ups and downs. But overall, I guess it's alright and duable. I'm not positively sure what's happening with me tomorrow, since I'm going to the Oasis sometime after work and I'll be listening to OOT. I'm seriously hoping to bring in MD with me for him to check them out, but I'm not sure how I'm gonna pull it off. So that's a long story, and right now, I'm waiting for him to sometime call me back, and let me know what his plans are.

Yesterday evening, after work, I had decided to go hang out with Jordan and his friend Alex at Alex's house. I ended up staying overnight, which was totally tight! Jordan and I had quite a bit of fun while Alex was busy playing games on his laptop. But it was cool beans. The sucky thing about it was that I got only about 3 hours of sleep, and I've been super sleepy, grouchy, and drained from it all. Overall, it was hella fun hanging out with them, and we've planned on getting together next Wednesday at Jordan's dad's house.

i'm soooo sleepy, so I think I'll update more on the last day or two of nonsense laterz...
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