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Today's Work Talk

Work was great and short. Saw MD and the rest of the guys, of course. Come to think of it now, I think he was the one that cured my throbbing headache by just being there to talk to, share laughs with, etc. The shop/office seemed uptight, energy wise. But thanks to the tech guys and MD, they made it all better. :-)

I think my sorta current shift over there will now be 1pm to 5pm, which sucks. I need more hours, but I can't beg Amy for that. She had snapped at me when I came into work at 11am this morning. Goes to say that I was beyond pissed that she shortened my hours by a lot, when I'm trying to make as much money now so I can try and pay my phone bill. It's gonna be shitty when dad gets it, and I'd rather pay for it than have him pay for it all. So that's why I'm striving for more hours and more bucks. But I guess that's life.

Got a couple of errands done before starting my shift, so I guess my day wasn't that worthless. I'm off to fantasize and daydream in my own world, till tomorrow comes.

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