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Not A Good Day, But Stays Strong

Today was a stupid day. Things didn't go as planned and i was here at home, thinking of things to keep me occupied, which wasn't much. Online drama, which I sorta stayed out of and talking on the phone with Jordan.

Speaking of Jordan, he's the only person that actually put a smile to my face all day long, and sharing our laughs and stuff. Thanks Jordan!! Plus he's kinda new to LJ so go ahead and take a stab at what he's all about right here; he's really cool. :-)

I was suddenly sleepy after talking to him for a while, and crashed out on the couch for a few hours. The resulting of this was NOT good. I had really bad nightmare dreams about my parents and I threatening to kill each other. It went further than that, in which I can't describe. But it was emotionally overwhelming that I woke up in what felt like a puddle of tears. Luckily my dad was downstairs working on something and didn't witness it. I would've been embarrassed. What was worse was that Jordan called me several times and I had my phone ringer turned off. The last few times that he called me at about 6pm, it was when I had woken up from that dreaful dream and just couldn't talk to anyone, not even Jordan. I had never cried so hard about anything in a long time, and I needed to do it alone. I felt bad for not answering the phone, but I needed to take a breather from the nightmare I had faced.

After crying for about 15 minutes, I washed my face and tried going back to sleep again, since the tears that still wanted to come were making me sleepier than before. So I fell back asleep, and the same dream almost came back, but in a different way. I was awakened by my dad walking up the stairs from the back porch coming into the house. He basically saved me from getting back into the nightmare again. A tear ran down my face as I opened my eyes, and I wiped it away from my face so that dad wouldn't notice my severe pain. I was even more happier to see him happy and being his usual self, compared to him yelling at me, threatening to kill me from the dream.

Everything from there went fine, and I told dad about my horror dream right after dinner. We both knew that this wouldn't happen ever, but he almost brought tears to my eyes as he was hugging me and healing my past pain. I must say that I'm very grateful to have a close dad like my dad. He's like no other, and even though I have my trips with being annoyed at him for stuff, i still love him, always.

And speaking of which, I do love every one of you that does and/or doesn't have LJ. peace out, till tomorrow's drama...

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