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@ school now

Last night was both good and bad. Today Kelly's coming over and staying till Saturday morning or something like that. So I can't wait for that!

Last night I was chatting with Ariel for a while, then near the end, our conversation went downhill and got bad. She asked me a simple question, and I was honest with her about my answer. I guess what I said to her was offensive and I never intended for it to come out that way. So the last thing she said to me before she got offline was "Since I'm hurt, I'm going to bed." I was thinking, what?? I didn't expect her to act the way she did, and it backfired on me so i was feeling a bit hurt too. But that was all before my dad officially put me to bed. When my dad was putting my to bed, apparently D got online and for a few seconds, messaged me, then immediately got offline. I was like DAMN!! It seemed like I was having no success in chatting with people at the time. But about five minutes after dad put me to bed, I got up and checked my messages. So I responded back but it was too late, DAMN AGAIN!! ARGH! So I got upset and started crying for about 15 minutes in bed. I think it was pretty useless of me to do that, but I had to at the time. One reason was because I knew that Ariel wasn't going to talk to me again and I knew I had fucked up on my part. And for another reason was because I had missed D by a few seconds and I really needed to talk to him about some stuff... But all of those things I stressed on was made up within minutes. Both Ariel and D got back online and we made up... So it's all ok now... I'm still not sure with Ariel but now we're sorta talking a little bit after that dumb incident.

Anyway, I skipped my first class to see a woodwind ansemble performance for my music class and I got excused, WOOHOO!! Unexpectedly, Blaine was there and he sat by me almost the whole time. Guess it's a sign that he likes me or something... Not that it's o\important or anything, it just seemed a little odd to me, dunno why.

Right now I'm in my tutorial class and have some things to finish up for today. So that's all the news from me for now... Hopefully more to come by tonight, dunno. Briefly watching Logan sleeping away... Will return laterz...
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