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Work, weekend rough plans, sleep, tea.

I'm finally glad that the weekend is here!! Work was a little hectic and stuff, but not bad. Amy came back to work today. She was out for a few days due to sickness and pain and stuff. So I did a little fill in for her while she was out. I also helped her out a little more than usual today, knowing that she had millions of things she had to get done. So that was nice. I hope she feels better Monday... I've kinda been worried about her all week. I know it sounds stupid for me to worry about little things about people, but I care about them and I guess I kinda look out for them too, in a sense, I dunno.

Not much planned for the weekend. I might laze around tomorrow, and Sunday I might be hanging out with one or two co-workers and chilling. We'll see what happens by then.

I need to get my sleeping schedule back into place. I haven't been sleeping right or anything in the past week or two, and it's been kinda throwing me off-balance. I only slept for about 3-4 hours since I stayed up late listening to an old tape of mixed stuff from back in '96. All those memories, right there, on tape. Both good and bad times.

Anyways, that's it from little, boring me. Time for tea and relaxation! Will babble laterz.
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