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Work Rants

I think I've gone work-crazy in a few ways recently.

First of all, I have a crush on two co-workers from work: One of them knows and the other one doesn't, and who knows if he'll ever find out. But they're both real nice and very conversational and especially helpful at times, when I need them for something.

Second of all, I've been a busy maniac for the last couple of days and trying to make up for the hours that I had missed last Friday, since it was an unpaid day off. I'm trying to get as much hours into work per week as possible, so that I can earn more for me to maybe try and pay my cell phone bill for this current month. I feel bad and guilty for talking as much as I have on my cell in the last week or two with a couple of people, and I feel that I should try and pay the phone bill this time. I don't want to have my dad pay a huge bill on it and go broke where he can't pay anything else. So this is why I'm trying to get more hours in until at least the 19th of this month.

My co-worker and boss (Amy) told me today that I should just come in from 1pm to 5pm for now on after tomorrow, which completely BLOWS!! I've been coming into work from 10am to 5pm, and I really like that schedule. Plus I know that I get more stuff done by coming in earlier in the day. So who knows, I'll talk to her and see if she'll even let me still come in at least 11am, if not 10am.

So that's it for work update stuff. Hiyaz to God420, if you happen to bump into this before tomorrow or my next post. Hugs...
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