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my ramblings of the day

Hmm my hair's gone a little spazzed right now. It's acting like it's gone curly and stuff... I don't do anything major to it except put it back to keep it out of my face but that's about it. I kinda like my hair like this, instead of dead straight all the time... Just had to mention that...

Had a weird obnoxious day today, but it went by fast and it's pretty much done with now. Had a final paper due today but I had to have my rough draft with my final draft too! Stupid as I was this morning, I left my house without my rough draft but had the final draft. So when I got to school, I called my dad and asked him if he was still home and if he could pick up the rough draft paper that was sitting on my desk. He said he'd get it to me as soon as lunchtime. So around noon he left work and went back to the house and picked up my rough draft paper. It was a personal paper too, and he decided to read it and all the comments made on there too! ARGH!! so he dropped off the paper to me and said, "We have to have a serious talk about this paper you wrote." I'm thinking, whatever, it's my essay and I can write whatever the hell I want to and he's not going to change it around to make it his essay! So that being that, it kinda threw me in a kinda bad mood for the rest of the day because of him looking at my personal essay! Argh whatever.

Anyway, the rest of my day went swell and fine. At my last class which was geometry, about four or five guys were talking to me almost all period and trying to tell me all this stuff about some cute freshmen guy named Blaine that apparently likes me. They were just being obnoxious and trying to turn me on and stuff, but it was the wrong place at the wrong time! I hate it when certain guys do that sometimes... Ahh well. Finally I ignored them and then they started assuming that I was hurt or something like that. So they were begging me to talk to them again and accept their appologies and yada yada yada... But I was like, um yeah whatever, just leave me alone right now! They finally did!

Then I came home here and talked to my dad on the phone for a bit till he showed up, then we talked some more. Luckily we didn't talk about my paper which was good. I wanted to just avoid that conversation altogether and not bring it up or anything...

Last night I chatted with Ariel and later on she wasn't feeling well, so she split and went to bed early. Then after that, I chatted with Camp on ICQ for quite a while and it was great! :-) Then I went to bed at about 2am here and got up at about 6am this morning. And yes last night I accomplished 3/4 of the hw that was due today, which was great! I think I'm slowly starting to get back on track and doing better than I have before, and I'm proud of it too! YAY!

Yummy I just sipped the last of my tea that I made tonight. :-) Might go make some more too! Anyway I have more news but will write more about it later tonight or whatever. See ya readers laterz. :-)

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