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Work dream, JOY!

I can't help but write about a dream I had this morning about me being at work. It was interesting and really different.

First of all, the office that I always work in is comfy, most of the time at a good temperature and tolerable. Amy is always in the room with me, answering the phone and doing other stuff, while I'm occupied with computer - database junk. Once in a while, I answer the phone and put them on hold so that they can be dealt with later, since I'm not quite ready yet to fully deal with every single needs for them... Later on in the afternoon, the tech guys would come in and chat, then clock out and leave for home.

Well in the dream, everything about the regular routine written above was different! The office that I worked in was torn up and was in a rebuild-remodel stage, and everything in the room was dusty and full of sawdust and such. The only thing in the room was a work phone, a TV set, a desk, and a chair or two. It looked nothing like the real back office. It was almost time for me to leave when the phone rang and I answered it, trying to make the best out of this dumb customer. This customer was a jerk, complained too much, ranted and raved to me about stuff that I couldn't do anything about or fix. Meanwhile, I was thinking, "Should I take notes on what this stupid guy said and pass it on to Amy later, or forget about it." AS I was thinking of this, MD had walked into the door all sweet-like and looked lonesome. So MD popped in a movie, turned the TV on, then grabbed a chair and sat next to me while I was on the phone.

MD and I hugged as a greeting, for I couldn't say anything to him since I couldn't get off the phone from the dumb customer. I was stuck with this call until he was done and satisfied. MD saw that I looked all frustrated and ready to explode, which was true in the dream. So I turned my frustration around, still on the phone, and lightly grabbed MD's hand for restraining and love purposes. it worked. I was already in a better mood, being around him. So my final words to the customer was, "Let me put you on hold while I can get someone to talk to you about this matter," and hung up on the bastard. I knew in the dream that it was wrong, but I couldn't take his crap, and I knew MD wouldn't be able to help this guy either. So I let the situation go, sat next to MD and talked to him for a few more minutes before punching out for work.

After hugging MD one more time and said our goodbyes for the day, i walked towards the back door, opened it, and dad had been standing right in front of it! he was in some kind of a mood, and he was in a hurry for us to leave, for some reason. Then I had noticed that I had forgotten my back-pack, and other stuff of mine that was laying around inside the office. After arguing with dad for me to bo back inside and get my stuff, I ran back in to see if I saw my stuff anywhere. Where I had left my stuff last was gone! Ran back outside freaking out, and he insisted on going inside to look for my stuff. i begged him not to, for he would have grabbed the wrong stuff.

After that whole scene, I woke up, thinking of how glad I have a day off from work, and that I leave out the bad stuff from the dream, and ponder on the cool, good qualities of it all. Then I thought about my other co-worker, (who will be anonomous) and drifted back to sleep till 11:15am this morning.
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