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Work today; plans...

Today at work was okay, different and mellow. I did some different database stuff for most of the afternoon. It was nice taking a break from my other updating duty... I kinda felt alone, but I knew I was gonna see the rest of the guys later on. so that was cool.

A few days ago, i had talked to Kelly and she said that she wanted to come up and see me this weekend. But now I'm not sure if it's happening, because I tried to call her both yesterday and today, couldn't reach her. So I'm assuming that she doesn't want to come up for the weekend. Whatever, that's kinda her problem, not mine.

This Friday and Saturday, Only On Tuesdays are playing!! WOOHOO! They'll be at the Oasis Friday night and at Imusicast on Saturday. I can't wait! If Kelly's not coming up for the weekend, I may invite another friend to come with me on Saturday night to check them out; it should be pretty cool!

After I got back from work and was getting settled in, my dad pounds into the door all pissed off, and wondering why I was home sooner than usual. I told him that it was shorter day than usual, and that I had gotten a ride. Then he cooled down quite a bit. He was also in a outrageously bad mood since he was stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours trying to go Southbound. Accidents everywhere was what he was telling me. But my dad's doing way better now. :-)

I'm off to do some beading and possibly talk some more on the phone, who knows. Laterz.
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