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Sickness and Allergy time?!?

My dad was sick yesterday/last night, which is continuing on to today... I had to do a few things for him this morning, even though I don't have to be at work till 10-11ish. So right now, I'm kinda taking care of him until he either leaves for work (he can't miss a day due to hours/money issues) or until I leave for work...

Work was cool yesterday; saw Mike (not my old friend and ex b/f), he's sooo cute and sweet! He walked into the office that Amy and I share, and his eyes were watering sooo bad from his allergies kicking in! Jeez, and I thought Yuji's allergy attacks were bad! But Mike is definitely my type of person; too bad he's married and young... But I still love him as if I knew him from another life-time.

Gotta shower up, do a few more things for dad, and get myself to work... TGIF everyone!
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