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Weird dreams, weird things, weird everything.

I know I have said this before a few days ago, but I love my job and my co-workers! They're soooo nice! Yesterday, when I was deeply taking a 3 hour nap after work, all that came up in my current dreams were events with my co-workers. Weird, but pretty cool.

At the same time of my napping out, a weird thing happened. Usually, when I'm gonna nap out for a while and dad idn't home, I'll have my cell phone on the coffee table right next to me and the couch. Well when my dad wlked in the door full of groceries and other stuff, i had noticed that I had my cell phone in my hand without knowing how/when/why I picked it up. So I set it back down on the coffeetable, and went back to sleep. Woke up an hour later, and the cellphone was back in my hand exactly where it was before... Weird stuff!

Then I realized that someone called me, left me a message on my voicemail. I figured it was my dad calling about what to get at the store. But it was one of my new friends that I had met Tuesday from the Sailboat/Ferry event. Cool beans. Jordan is the coolest guy ever! We were talking last night, after a few hours passed and 4 calls later to him. Apparently he (I think if I heard him right) had an LJ too, but stopped using it. He said he definitely know a few friends of his that have it. So that was great!

This morning I had the strangest, shortest, kinda saddest dream ever. Mick Jagger was in it, and I happened to be watching TV where he was speaking about some unknown musician who he felt close to. Apparently Mick's friend just got killed in some big accident. He was wearing a shirt that he made of him and his close friend posing their smiles, and some writing below the picture. At first, Mick was just babbling about music annoyances. Then he got to talking about his best friend and almost lost it right on cam. It was real sad for me to see Mick in such horrible pain... He was trying to contain himself and trying not to say anything stupid. So in the end, his attitude reminded me of Emmett from Queer As Folk trying to be strong when he's in deep pain/loss. Mick really lost it in the end and found it hard him to say that he deeply missed his friend. So the camera zoomed into his shirt where in the bottom right hand corner, there was a small picutre of Mick and under it, it said, "I miss you, - - - - ." I forget his friend's name for this purpose... But it was again really sad to see strong Mick in such tragic, deep pain ever.
After that, my alarm clock came crashing to my delicate ears, making me fully annoyed with everything and I hit the snooze and off buttons, knowing that I had to get up for work real soon. I'm still very tired, but gotta do the early morning routine for work. So it'll be ok by the time I'm fully awake.

That's it for this long, boring post of mine, and I can barely type right now. Laterz...
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