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current and past drama

this evening I went sailing with my dad and some other people for a good cause to the environment out in tiburon. it was really nice, but really windy in some spots. Ran into someone (i forget his name but he goes to tam) who brought a friend with him on the little evening trip. It was real fun hanging out with them! I had invited Colin and max, but they couldn't make it. Oh well, it was still good.

Backing up to the rest of Sunday. In the midst of being depressed about mom and stuff, I was invited to QQ's house for his and her daughter's b-day party. Keep in mind, QQ's daughter (Satia) just turned 13. She invited friends over for an overnight party, which I would've loved to stay for, but knew that I had to work the next day. QQ had taken me out and given me some graduation money so I could buy myself some nice presents to enjoy for a while. While I was out, I had accidentally left my cell phone over there, since there was no reception there.

So while I was out, Satia's friends saw my phone, got into my address book, and started calling a few people up doing stupid pranks. It was extremely embarrassing when I had found out later that they had called Colin several times to his cell, stalking him to the max! When I got back and they told me that they called him and freaking out and getting pissed, the girls had found out something from Colin that they wouldn't tell me. but they were shooken up and scared, which seemed like for no reason. I left later that night wondering what the hell did happen, and fearing that Colin would hate me forever if they had said something about me...
So I turned away from the problem and decided not to deal with the issue until I saw Colin sometime, or really needed to call him for something. Today came up and the sailing/boating gig was on, and I thought it would have been a good time to bring it up to him, since I was gonna call and talk to Colin. He told me that he did a prank back to them, scared them real good too! Good classic stuff! At least someone tells me what's going on around here... I told him that I was glad that they deserved to be scared like that, because that was stupid for them to be doing something that's not in their boundaries. I was also stupid for leaving my cell where someone's gonna get their hands into it... But it's all good now.

Work has been mellow. New mailing envelopes project started yesterday, and it looks like I might get it all finished as soon as tomorrow, which is great! I love my co-workers!! they're the most laid back, nicet people I've met, which makes the working environment so fun to be in. Better than home, actually! Gotta work early tomorrowz, but it's all good and gravy as usual. :-)

Off to bed. Night night...

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