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Work, Latest Phone Issue, & Music Talk

Yesterday i had survived through sort of another busy, annoying day at work. But I'm really happy that I finally finished the biggest project that needed to be mailed out by the end of yesterday; I had barely gotten the whole thing done. It was just a bunch of mailing stuff for architects... Got paid, but the number of hours that I worked for this past week is wrong; I worked more hours than what it said on my stub. So on Monday I'm gonna go talk to Jean (check roll person) and see if i can get that whole thing straightened out. I think I'll be starting a new project on Monday; who knows how long it will take for me to finish it.

Our stupid Sprint phones got turned back on last night, which is great! my dad decided that he wasn't gonna put up with us not being able to communicate regularly as we had been with those phones. So he went out of his way to repay the current bill that he had trouble paying all week. Long story, but it's settled now. We'll probably be switching to a new provider in a month or two, and figure out what to do in the meantime.

Special thanks to Mike for your suggestions and feedback! I had forgotten about Cingular, and I'll see if they're any good or not... my dad hates Verizon and AT&T, for some reason. So who knows.

I went to the Oasis last night and it was boringly ok. Growth of Alliance, Throat Culture, Protoculture, Boston Auto, and some other weird band played by the end of the night... The lead singer from the last band looked a little like Gwen from No Doubt, except scarier! I can't wait to go to the Oasis next time, which is July 5! Only On Tuesdays, On Lisa, Facelift, Solemite, and Tremor are playing then! WOOOO! I don't know Tremor, but we'll see by then if they're any good. I have a big surprise for OOT, but I'm not gonna mention what it all is, until I give it to them. All I know is they'll be stoked!

Wit's End is playing tonight at the Pound, but I can't make it over there since I don't have a ride or a ticket to see them. I did buy Colin a ticket for him to go see them, but I didn't think I'd care enough to buy myself one. Oh well. Hope that they rock out tonight!

That's it for now. Laterz, and hugs and love to everyone. :-)

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