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Work Crisis

Sorry for not updating as much as I usually do; too much going on right now in my life.

Here's what's going on with me as far as work: Everything seemed to be going all good and gravy until today rolled into my tracks. My co-worker and boss has asked me to try to come in and work more hours 5 days a week to get more projects done. I have no problem with that, since I'm trying to get as much money saved up for important uses as soon as possible. But since everything will be getting crazy in the fall and I'll be attending College in mid August and I'm not a full-time worker at my job, they need to kick me out of working for my current job sometime in August and hire a new person to work full time and take over my job. WTF!?!

I'd have to say that this is and has been the best job that I've ever had in a while, and I had planned on staying here for a good while until I get really sick of it. i really like what I do here, and as crazy as things get at work, I still like my job over there doing miscellaneos office work. So if I lose this job in August, I probably won't have back-up work or anything. I'd have to struggle in finding me a brand new job that I would like, and it takes a long time to find the right paying place doing what I like, which is office stuff.

I need to make a tough decision for myself on whether to hold off on going to College until I have enough money saved up for myself, and start College in Spring of next year, and work full time for my current job; OR start College as planned, and start job-hunting right now for somewhere and find something descent to put up with for work, and continue working at this job until August of this year. I really need you LJers to comment and tell me which decision is better, because I'm in a crisis and don't know which decision would be best for me right now. Thanks, I'd appreciate anything at this point.

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