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more of today...

Tried all damn day to find out a way to the mp3s I made into my entry, but have NO FUCKING IDEA how to do it!!! First of all, I had troubleshoots of getting them from .wav files to .mp3 files, which took me almost two hours to complete! Why that long? Well because I ran into stupid problems that made things even more complicated, and finding other ways to go around the problems... Sounds a bit complicated, but managed. Talk about extreme frustration, hehe! Anyway after I got them into mp3s, I tried to upload them to my website so I could link them from the site, and didn't work. Came up with an error saying "Invalid name". Now what the fuck's that suppose to mean, hmm?!? After a total of three hours of dealing with this crap, I gave up. Maybe there's a much simpler way of doing this that I don't know about or something, but I'm not going to deal with it until I find out another solution to my problem or get help from some expert that knows this crap... Anyway, enough on that... :-)

Took a fresh shower this afternoon to clear out the frustration outta me and it helped! Now I'm doing a little bit of hw and waiting for dinner to be ready, I'm starving! :-) More stuff to come later.
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