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Graduation Funness

First off, I just want to appologize for my last post. Everything is ok for now, and my dad was way too nice enough to actually pay me in cash, since I was very pissed about the results from Safeway yesterday. So I'm happy, still pissed at Safeway. But whatever.

Anyway, what I was going to talk about in my last post was Graduation stuff from Thursday night. The ceremony itself was nice, boring in a few parts, but overall nice. The only people from my end that came to my Graduation was my parents and my brother. Kinda sad, especially when my dad invited his close friends to my Grad, and all of them cancelled for different reasons. Even though I had 5 tickets left and open, my dad wouldn't even let me invite Colin and his folks because my dad figured it was "too late to invite". I was upset about that, and I won't get into it right now, since that would be yet another long, boring post for me to write...


After the ceremony and finding my folks a half hour later, we all went to my house and chilled and talked. My mom had brought me some clothes that a friend of hers gave to her to give to me. So we had some fun trying out a few things and liking some of the stuff in the bag. The thing is, if I'm gonna keep all the nice clothes that I had decided to keep, I need to get them washed so that I get make the alcoholic smell disappear from the clothes. Man do they stink and reek!! Ew!

11pm rolled around, after my mom and my brother left and I went to the sober Grad night party close by. It was a complete blast within itself! There was dancing, swimming, hot-tubbing, people jumping on a trampoline, and small games. There was so much going on that no one could ever get bored! SO I did it all, and all if it was awesome! I won a few small prizes for having creative pants (it was just plaid pajamas) and dancing so well and creatively. So I stayed at the party until 4am, and got a ride back to my house from Noelle with the open Jeep! How cool is that!

Actually before I left, the security guards told us that someone had stolen a Play Station from the TV room. So they had to close down the TV room and the main room where everyone paid and walked in, which is where back-packs were. So the guards searched thru everyone's bags and I think they didn't find anything. I don't know what the result of it was or where the Play Station ended up, but I knew that I wanted to leave before any more Chaos started later.

After getting home, I talked to my dad and told him that I tried to reach his cell phone several times and could get him at all. he was just glad that I had a great time and that I made it home ok. Afterwards, I chilled on the computer, had tea, checked email, and fell asleep at the desk amongst trying to read LJ Friends Entries. I will post laterz about Friday and yesterday. This is a long enough post as it is...
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