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I was going to talk about Graduation stuff, but I'm waay too pissed to write about it. Not that it was bad. In fact, it was a blast. That's not what's making me hella mad right now.

I went to fucking Safeway to get a couple of emergency things and see if I can get my check cashed. Last time I did it was last Saturday, and the woman at the C.S booth was extremely nice enough to cash it for me. So today, I was hoping for her to be there to do it for me again. But she wasn't there! Stupid Jeff (partial manager of store) was at the booth, and was hella rude about it all! I was moody as it was already, and the dumbass was like, "Well duh! You should already know our policy that we don't cash checks from elsewhere, since you don't work here anymore!" I was insulted. I told him that I never knew any of this and he kept being a totla jerk to me about it. Ready to smash something at this point, I madly take my check and quickly stomped away from there, got my crap, and got the hell outta that hellhole. I HATE THAT STORE AND THE STUPID PEOPLE IN CHARGE! What a freaking joke that place is! I should've known!

Screw this crap, I'm too pissed to type and I still wanna smash something! I'm gonna get a bank account for my stupid Graduation present, and deal with everything there! I'm sick of depending on everything and everyone to do jobs for me.
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