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Ups & Downs From Yesterday to Today

Yesterday was interesting within itself, besides graduation practice. In the morning, I chilled with a few seniors (Ashley G, Mariam, Todd, and some others) at Ashley's old house. Everything was all good until her older brother woke up and noticed a lot of people there, and got moody and pissy-like at us. He was a real jerk and a half to Ashley especially, since he was being immature and trying to act like he knew everything and was the king of everything. So it was when some hell broke loose in the end, before leaving back to Tam. Ashley had brought her own pipe for her and her friends to use. I guess her brother discovered where she had it out, took it away from her, and later on smashed the pipe with a baseball bat. He also threatened Ashley to kick her ass and beat her to scare us all. So we all ran outta the stairs from his room and he went back to his room and slammed the door shut. Boy, that was a close one. But I was pissed for Ashley about her pipe, that was soo outta hand.

Anyways, we get back to Tam for Grad practice and things lighten up a bit from there. Weather was cooler and not much going on. After Grad practice, I chilled with Noelle, Kate, Jake, and some other Sophties. The left to work and worked from 3:30pm to 5pm. The went home, napped out and was rudely awakened by my mom calling me on my cell. Every single thing I was saying and the tired tone I had was taken way too personally by her, and she rudely hung up on me and called dad, complaining that I had an attitude problem. That's her prob, not mine. I was tired and sleepy, that's not called having an attitude, for screaming out loud! After being mad for about 15 minutes, I was once again asleep till dinner. Everything else afterwards was chill.

Moving on to today's stuff...

Today was the day for outside fun events for Seniors, which included BBQ, waterballoon fights, pillow fights, and jumping in jumpers. Good times, I tell ya. After our Senior events, school was out and I chilled for a while with some friends, even Alex from Wit's End and Colin. I bought a Wit's End ticket for Colin, since he was kinda broke and I thought he'd like to have one to see Wit's End. So that was cool.

Work was cool but slightly stressful. But I lived thru it. I was on the phone most of the time calling past customers from 3 years ago confirming their addresses for the record. I hate being on the phone for business use, I'm not really good at fully, but getting better.

Graduation is tomorrow! Yikes, too soon. It should be okay. Laterz.
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