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Just Chillin' Here @ Home

Hopefully Blaine's doing better. I still miss him, more than anyone will ever know. But I'm fine; trying to survive in my own flood of mixed depression.

I decided not to go to the Oasis tonight, even though there's good bands playing tonight. I don't feel like getting bashed up, wasting $20, and wasting my ears and being bored there tonight. I just wanna be here at home with myself and spend a little more time with dad and relax. I also wanna get myself psyched up for tomorrow night in Oakland, where OOT will be playing.

After lunch today, I went home so I could drop off my crap that was in my school locker. So I called my dad to tell him what was going on. He was in his worst mood, which made me feel even shittier than before. It was all unbearable, and I called my work to tell them what's going on and that I may need a day to myself to recover emotionally from Blaine's whole trip.. After talking to them, I went back to school, signed yearbooks, and hacky-sacked with Nick, Colin, and other people who came and went. All of it made me feel a lot better just to be around people for a while and have a little fun before I deal with Graduation crap next week. So it was a great healing thing for me.

A few hours or so later, I walked to work so I could pick up my check and possibly cash it. After picking it up, I went to a close-by gas station, figuring I could get cash from my paycheck. Well, I walked into the gas station store and asked the cashier if I could get cash. He said, "How about you pay me half of your check payment and you have the rest." I was extremely insulted! So I was like, "Um No thank you, bye!" I cannot believe that anyone would wanna rip off half of my check for their store money; it's not right. It's not like I had bought some stuff. Dork!

I napped out for a few hours, which felt real nice. Something I needed to recharge my positive energy back to life. I'm gonna have more tea, chill, then sleep the night away and start over tomorrow.
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