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Beginning of Saying "Good-Bye to HighSchool"

Yearbooks released today to the public, and I already feel like today is/was the last day of Highschool! This time of year always gets me extremely depressed, but knew in the back of my mind that I would always see those same, cool and uncool people at school next year. Well this isn't the case. These final days of being close to friends may soon come to an end for me.

I'll be moving on to a new, different world of new phases, and meeting new people. It'll be extremely hard, more than any of you will ever know, for me to let all of this highschool stuff go. but I need to, for my sake. I would still like to see Class of 2003, 2004, 2005, and more of them grow up and graduate. I would especially love to see Class of 2004 throw their hats and say, "We made it!" So I would like to invite anyone and everyone to my graduation thing next Thursday, so they can see me walk. I'm really gonna miss Tam and every single memories of the three years I was there. (I enrolled to Tam into my sophomore year, a month after school started.)

Farr was the first to sign my yearbook, cuz he's turned out to be a really awesome kid this year. So far, I have about 5-6 people that has signed it today. Hoping to get more tomorrowz, which will probably happen. So I love you Tam and I love everyone there that has made my life change drastically this year alone, and I'd like to thank everyone for helping me thru everything. :-) Peace out!
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