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Well last night was my Spring Concert! It went well, even though it was feeling majorly hot everywhere, and most of the instruments were obviously affected by it. When the chorus went up, I wasn't all that nervous, kinda enthusiastic to finally be singing. When the second song came up, three people did solos on it. First it was Colin - he was just majorly fabulous and sounded ajzzy and awesome. Second was me - I think I did really good for being somewhat nervous and having a mic in hand, but I think I was just as great as Colin was. Thrid was Janina (sp?) - hate to say this, but she was horrible! She completely finished the solo round in a horrible time, hitting wrong notes while being nervous. I was nervous for her, and it made me feel sooo much worse when she screwed it up. So the nervousness increased for the rest of our singing and I was just shaking. Not cool! Skipping to our last song that we did: It was no piano, just us voices trying to make it happen. Some of us were going too sharp and/or too flat, while a few of us were actually trying to get everyone in pitch! So overall, on a scale of 1-10, I think our chorus stands at a 5.5 to 6. I hate being judgemental about these things, but little screwy things in music can get on my nerves, such as someone being flat or hitting a wrong note or saying the wrong words. That kind of stuff gets to me. ANyway everyone was fabulous!!

Off to school, will try to write laterz.
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