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Catch up thoughts and Recent thoughts...

it's sooo freaking hot in this place, especially my room where I can't even open my windows! Handles to ope the windows broke after I moved into this stupid place two years ago.

Mom was nice enough to send me an old pic of her a year before I was born and $20.00, along with an old-fashion typed up letter that she wrote to me. how sweet of her; thanks mom! :-)

Tomorrow night is my Spring Concert where everyone in music performs. Plus there's a surprise when our chorus sings. CoRri, you know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I'm nervous about it, but I'm sure it'll come out fine.

I have come to realize within myself that I have to be more positive about myself. A few people have told me this week alone, that I've been so negative about myself and insulting myself way too much, which is probably true. I never really noticed it deeply till yesterday morning, when i was tutoring Cale in Math class. The thing is, is that all my life, I have been insulted numerous times for stupid stuff for a long time, and I guess I'm not letting all of it go. Having people recently tell me to be more positive within myself has yet been a slight wake up call. Now the question is, I'd still like to know honestly what people think of me - if I'm super annoying or boring or great or whatever. I'd just like to know. seems like people don't tell me that stuff, makes me kinda wonder if I'm at least a decent person trying not to unplease people. So talk to me, comment, whatever. just tell me, whether it's harsh or not, I'd like to know.
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