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Tonight cheered me up!

I am satisfied for the night to equal out sorta an emotional, bad day for me. Only On Tuesdays, On Lisa, Wit's End and last but not least Halfway to Nowhere played at the Rec Center tonight! First of all, I must say that OOT rocked sooooo much harder than the last few shows. Much more people came and were a very loud, enthusiastic, wild crowd! I will give a fuller OOT reflection on their gig laterz, but I need to get major sleep. Plus I feel like I'm being slammed with yet another freaking flipping cold!! it's all cuz of Colin since he was sick a few days ago. But maybe not.

Anyway, I don't feel like playing "Who should I blame for breathing 'cold' germs on me" right now, because it could be a lot of other different causes. I'll write tomorrow, when I can think more clearly. Night night and hugs to everyone.
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