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School, relaxation afterwards, and latest gossip

Being back at school was rough, but okay. I asked Dolan to get an extension on my Financial Portfolio, since I'm having a majorly rough time with the research and reflections from the researches. So she's cool with it and I don't have to get it in till sometime next week, which is nice.

Having a day off from work was nice as well. Went home early and crashed out for a few hours. Then chatted away with my dad for a bit and now I just finished dinner and making the usual night tea. Good stuff to settle to for the evening/night.

Ogie wants to chill with me sometime, which is awesome. He's a cool freshie, but can be a pain too. But what can ya expect outta them? But he sweet and open to lots of conversation.

The weather seems to be weird in a bad way ever since last Friday. just wierd cloud stuff that I haven't really seen before. I think that it's getting more people sick, moody and depressed, etc. Speaking of which, Colin seemed to get sick yet again. Poor guy. Yeah I may be too caring, but I really hope he does get better. I do look out for my friends. As my mom would say to me all the time, "It's my job to worry and care about you." Fine.
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