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Today Kinda Sucked!

I was at the stupid MV carnival all freaking day. Saw most of the bands that played, such as Though Crime, Only On Tuesdays, Wit's End, On Lisa, Alien Love Syndrome, etc. The sound system was the worst thing that they have ever setted up on this planet. It seemed like they didn't care how incredibly horrible it was, but wanted to get all the bands to play thru that horrible crappy sound. So ridiculous, if you ask me.

I wasted $17 on pointless, annoying rides all afternoon. The weather was cloudy and stupid for most of the day. The food there was like eating puke, basically. It was the worst thing that I've wasted money on. Yet I had a little accident in the end of my last ride of the day, and I called it quits.

I felt calm and slightly tired all day, thinking about so much various stuff and not really saying much of anything to very many people, as the day passed. People that were in charge of certain rides were all asking me why I wasn't smiling or enthusiastic about the rides. I guess rides like those one at the Carnival aren't for me anymore. Been there, done that. Now it's the younger kids' turns to feel passionate about it all.

Sorry if this post is boring and whatnot. I just wanna sleep and forget about today. I'm probably not going back to the Carnival for the rest of the weekend, mainly because of my little accident after going on my last ride of the day. Plus I have Econ hw that I seriously need to get done, or I'm screwed and can't pass the class to graduate. So.... That being that, I hope everyone else is having a better day and weekend than me so far. :-) Laterz.
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