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Events from Last Night, Events Today

Last night I saw Only On Tuesdays. I think that they rocked harder than my mom, even though 10-15 people showed up for it. It was kinda sad to see very few people go. The new member of the band (Aaron) is an awesome guitarist, OMG! Personally, he was so much better than Matt, nothing against Matt. He's real good too. But Aaron had perfect touches to every single song. Colin did mention in the middle of his show that he had a headache... It seemed like their setlist, whatever it was, was cut a little short. I took what seemed like millions of pics of them. I'm gonna take more pics of them today and use up this film. I'm gonna see them again today in my city. :-) I'm real stoked about that.

I need to get some more money from dad and leave here early so i can check stuff out and get set up for the bands this afternoon.

Last night I talked to Mollers twice; it was really cool hearing her voice. I plan on talking to her some more sometime today, when I'm not so wound up with stuff from the Carnival. Will update laterz.
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