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work, jetta cars, etc.

Yep I'm still up and I need to be up for work at 7am. YIKES!!!!! Oh well, I'll make it. Yesterday work kinda sucked since it rained meduimly light and mediumly hard all day and I had to be outside to collect grocery carts for a few hours! I like the rain and it rained mildly so it was nice. I also was wearing A LOT of shit to just keep my actual work clothes dry for later. Two pairs of pants, HUGE boots (which are my dad's), two t-shirts, a white buttoned-up shirt with a tie around it, and two sweaters on top of that! I was also warm too, which counts! Hope it doesn't rain later, that would suck!

While I was outside, there was a whole lot of VW Jettas coming and going in and out of the parking lot! I had never seen that mcuh in one hour at a time, damn!! Plus I love jettas and I would kill for one!!! I also love Chevys too, but not as much as Jettas!

Why am I in such a Barenaked ladies mood right now? I'm hoping to get their recent album that's out now called Maroon (i think that's what it's called). There's some good stuff on there. :-)

Watching Logan & Camp sleep at the moment, or so I'm trying to. Guess that tells me I should hang it up when I finish this entry... Which is now! See ya laterz.

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