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Band name; and school today

I just thought of an interesting Band name: The Chain-saw Scissors. Yeah I know, kinda boring but I thought it was intersting.

Man, today was a laugh and a half! I'll just say that I embarrased myself at lunch and other times at school and once at work. Maybe it was due to me having breakfast for the first time in so many years, who knows. Chorus was also hilarious and a half! I know that if I try to write about it in here right now, I won't stop laughing and never get it down. So you can go to CoRri's current entry to find out why and what was so funny in Chorus today.

Only On Tuesdays' Show at the Phoenix is This Friday. I told my dad about it last night and he told me that he can't provide ANY transportation for me at all, which sucks. So my thought was to try to take the bus there and possibly get a ride back with Colin & his mom, if possible. If not, I'll have to find some way to get back home since the buses in Petaluma won't either be running as late as 11pm, and/or won't be heading towards San Rafael or MV. So that blows. I hate asking for rides, but I guess I'll have to ask Colin about it tomorrow at school. I'm sure it'll work out in the end, I just hate asking and being like, "Can I get a ride home" or "can you do this for me" and such. makes me feel nosy and impolite and stuff.

ARGH speaking of which, there's SOMEONE on Yahoo IM that's bugging me to death and keeps asking me why I don't chat and talk to this person anymore. Man, if I start rambling about this topic, you won't even hear the end of this rant. So i won't get into it here. maybe on DJ. Seems like the proper place to complain on about stupid stuff like that.

Did I mention that I finally got my Poetry Anthology turned in yesterday? I'm really happy and satisfied with it, and I'm sure Gaynor will like it too. After I get it back from being graded, i'm gonna make him a copy of the whole anthology for him to keep so he can show his classes next year and more years to come.

This is it for now. I may chat with some LJers laterz or something, who knows. Night night everyone.
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