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I had a good Friday. :-) Took a tons of pics of me and friends from school I'll try to get them up for you guys to see. But I need to have my dad OR Mike get them developed over the weekend. I wanna see a GOOD picture of Simon. Yes Mike took a good picture of him, and I wanna see how it turned out. :-) I also got a few pics of Alex too and some other people. Hopefully they're good!

Then I went home and napped out for an hour or two while Kelly chatted online with some people I don't know. Then later, Mike stopped by and said hi and hung out for about an hour, then split. Then at about 6pm, my dad, Kelly, and I went to Bazaar Cafe in SF to see a local group called Blame Sally. They were awesome!! To top that, we got the VERY front seats which was great. The cafe's small but usually crowded in there. So we stayed there until 10:30pm and talked to the group for a while, then came back here at home.

Kelly's gonna go to her uncle's place for two days, then come back here Sunday night and spend the rest of the week here. Whch works out great since I'm working on the weekend and I know I won't have time to be with her... :-( Oh well.

I have Monday off from school - Prez Day. YAY! I'll get to spend a full day with Kelly! I love that plan! Plus we get to sleep in! :-) Well I'm off to sleep soon. Gotta get up at 8am and be out the door for work by quarter to 10am. Laterz
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