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i didn't write an entry yesterday... Sorry 'bout that. I'll just say I had a decently good day yesterday. Had a quiz in geometry and I think I failed it... Probably got something like 2.5 out of 5. Then again, maybe not. Ahh whatever, I'm already getting a good grade in there so flunking one little quiz isn't gonna hurt much, as long as I do my work in there. So that's that.

Logan's sound asleep right now, so is Kelly. I actually woke up on time this morning, compared to yesterday morning. Yesterday I woke up 10 minutes before U had to leave. OOOOPS!! Still made it to school at the same time. :-)

I have a 10 million things to do right now so I'll write more later, probably when I'm in my last class or when I get home. Have a good Friday everyone!

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