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Music Fun for School

Last night I sang the national Anthem at the Giants game with my Tam chorus. It was fun before and after we did it. We wore our robes, which looked nice but I felt out of place somehow because it made me think that we were all from a church or something. Oh well, it was great to hang out with friends though. :-) Go chorus!

Plus I did a phone-a-thon thing at school to raise money to keep chorus, jazz band, and orchestra classes for next year. I raised about more than $500 tonight, which was nice. :-) Of course blaine was there being cool and raising twice more than me, but that's great! I plan on going again tomorrow, after my C.O.M appt at 5:30pm.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna sleep in a little late, and go to school at 9am since there's STAR testing for Freshmen thru juniors, which sucks. os seniors get to meet tomorrow at 11am. I'm real tired from tonight and last night and I didn't get much sleep last night. So I'm not gonna fret about getting up at normal time and being bored or tired laterz.

I guess I should do a little homework for Econ, then hit the sack. Love you all! Peace out!
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