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Week Catch up

Sorry for not posting much, but I was depressed when I found out about Left Eye's death from Thrusday night. That was why I was down in my last post, but I'm doing ok now.

Anyways, nothing much has happened in the past week. Had a half day Thursday at school becasue of Open House night, which I didn't go to. I didn't really feel like it. Friday I went to the Oasis and glad about it since Only On Tuesdays was there, of course my favorite local band. Plus HW2NW, Drain 26, Dexter Danger, and Locale AM were there, so that completely made my night! I of course saw and met lots of LJers so that was sweet. I recorded 3 out of 5 bands. I was originally gonna do 4, but decided not to. So far, I've checked out 2 of them and they recordings came out ok. Not great but ok.

Afterwards, my dad and I gave Colin and Blaine a ride to Colin's house for the night. We were all squished in dad's truck and it of course smelled crappy since my dad smokes all the damn time! That was so embarrassing, so sorry about that Colin and Blaine. :-( I don't even know how I deal with it when I'm in the car with him, since I'm kinda allergic to the smoke, but I try not to complain and stuff... Who knows.

Didn't do much yesterday or today except a little homework here and there for tomorrow. yesterday I was supposed to go to Mattias's 10th bday party, but I was too much of a wreck from Friday night. So i didn't go.

Going to finish some homework and maybe chat online, who knows. Laterz.

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