Molly Z (mjz) wrote,
Molly Z

end of week

Ahh I'm finally happy that today is Friday!!! YAY! I got a lot of shit accomplished this week so hopefully I'll be getting a good progress report tomorrow when I get back from work.

A few nights ago I surprisingly heard from Ed by email. I must admit that forgot that I emailed him a Thanksgiving note to him. I was very touched and it really made my day to hear from him again. I've emailed him before, and just assumed that he probably didn't wanna get any more emails from me, so I stopped. So I emailed him back, then we got to talk on the phone for a while. It was really great to hear his voice again. I emailed him again last night, but forgot to call him. OOoops, sorry Ed. Anyway, I miss him and hope to hear something from him soon. :-)

Oh yeah - after I talked on the phone with Ed that night, T came online and we caught up with each other finally! It was extremely wonderful to chat with him again! Then last night he briefly came online for a few minutes to say hi, then left because he had stuff to do. So if all goes well, maybe we'll chat again tonight on ICQ, which will be cool. I miss him more than anyone or anything else right now. Love ya T!

I called up Kelly last night, and she's apparently sick in bed, so I really hope she's feeling better today. Would love to talk to her too. Missing her as well.

Well I better go lie down and rest my brain for a bit. I'm starting to fall asleep here....Anyway, peace baby and I'll be back later hopefully...

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