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What happened to me?

I just need to do some catching up with events from Thursday till now:

Thursday: I cleared things up with mom from our drama and everything's ok. At least we're getting along now. At school, I had to finish taking my Econ test from Tuesday and finished it. I also had to do the second part of my algebra test and got it done by friday. It was pretty hard. I don't remember what happened in Chorus, but I do remember leaving school early to attend to an Open House thing at C.O.M. Met up with my dad later, and did some stuff there. later that evening, I was worried about my Essay on explicating a poem with a partner, thinking he didn't write it at all! So i stayed up late writing half of it, looking all over my room for his email address and found it a half hour later. Then went to bed at about 1am.

Friday: Got up kinda early and finished the rest of the essay for Poetry class. Then found out later that my partner did write it and we got it back with a B on it. So that was ok. But I was also mad at my partner for not telling me that he'd written something and turned it in. Ah well. Later on, I saw the short version of the Talent Show from Tuesday night. It was just as good, but different. I recorded a few really good acts, including Only On Tuesdays. Then my tape ran out halfway thru their song, which bummed me out. Anyway, after the talent show, I didn't do much, except let time pass by.

Saturday: Woke up at quarter to 9am and left with my dad to meet up with some friends of both mine and his. Went to larkspur to catch a ferry to SF to a big "Peace Rally" march thing. it was great; Colin, Blaine, Max, Cathrine, Jocelyn, and another girl was with us. :-) So from there, we went to a Muni station and took a Muni to Dolores Park, then started marching for peace for an hour. Then we got to City Hall and settled someplace and ate some food for a bit. After that, Max's mom had a headache and decided for all of us to jet out and go home then. Kinda sucked because I wanted to stay longer and I wanted them to stay longer as well. So Max, Colin, Blaine, and Max's mom split from the rest of the group and left a few minutes early and walked all the way back to take the ferry back to larkspur. So the rest of us took a Muni back and ended up at the ferry. Then coincidentally met right back up with the guys, which was great! So we all took the ferry together and split home from the Larkspur Ferry. But that was a great day!

Sunday (today): Slept in till 2:30pm all tired from yesterday, didn't do much all day. Filled out a survey and didn't really do my paper homework. But I'll do it in my resource class tomorrow and turn it in Tuesday. Then my Econ grade can go back up hopefully.

Sorry this came out real long, but needed to do my event catching up. Gonna have more tea then hit the hay. Night nighterz.
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