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Survey Junk

I kinda stole/borrowed this survey from him and here's the following stuff:


Current Dress: black jeans and a brown "Calvin Klein Jeans" t-shirt.
Current Makeup: none, I don't wear makeup ever.
Current Mood: Okay, tired from yesterday's events.
Current Music: none.
Current Taste: This Silver spray stuff to keep me in balance and hopefully take away my cold.
Current Hair: slightly messy but pt back in a little low bun.
Current Annoyance: The fact that I'm still sick and that I'm stuffier today than yesterday.
Current Smell: can't smell anytihng, since my nose is clogged.
Current thing I ought to be Doing: Typing up a paper that I started writing a month ago, and never finished for my Econ class.
Current Picture: On my desktop? Well a collage I made of a few people from Class of 2003 & class of 2004. Class of 2004 rocks my boat! :-)
Current Book: Still stuck on that 2nd Harry Potter book that I almost never have time to read anymore.
Current CD in Stereo: My Chorus CD of songs for the altos.
Current VHS In Player: none.
Current Refreshment: water.
Current Worry: My current Econ grade and finishing that stupid paper.
Current Crush: I dunno, I guess Colin cuz he's special, funny, cute, musical and truthful. :-)
Current Favorite Celebrity: uhh none...


You Talked to: My dad.
You Hugged: My dad.
You Instant messaged: CoRri.
You Yelled At: I dunno, I think Blaine...
You Had A Crush On: Scott and Simon, I guess.


Kill: No one. Killing is horrible.
Slap: Ana, because she has a way of making everyone's lives difficult, especially mine!
Get Really Wasted With: umm, probably none.
Tickle: umm...
Look Like: I dunno.
Be Like: CoRri, I dunno...
Talk To: I think Colin, Max, and CoRri...

Quilt Cover: huh?
Walls: White, covered with my historic art that I've done from time to time since I was 7 years old.
Posters: There's one in my closet of the Backstreet Boys posing. But I kinda have a "Live" poster of their 1997 tour.

Name 4 people currently on your bad side:
1. Ana!!!
2. Scott (sorta, long story)
3. David Demos
4. I guess my mom.

Name 4 drinks you drink regularly:
1. Tea
2. Milk
3. Water
4. Water

Name 5 Random facts about yourself:
1. I play and listen to music a lot.
2. At my last leg of High School, and will graduate this June. :)
3. I have learning disabilities.
4. I support local bands and see them every other week.
5. I kinda don't talk much, but try to socialize as much as possile. I dunno.

What are you doing this weekend: Random stuff.

Five things you love about yourself:
1. My current musical tastes is expanding.
2. I'm not as insane as I use to be.
3. I hopefully take time to listen to people and support their opinions.
4. My ability to get stuff done for school has improved a lot.
5. I'm open to a lot of subjects and issues that may or may not involve me, but may involve my opinion.
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