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I'm reading back on a few journal entries from last year, near summer. I've completely forgetten some of the stupid things I've gone thru, but things are a bit different now. All I know is I'm gonna be twice sadder this year than last year about leaving Tam. But I guess that's life and the name of the game, whatever that may be.

I mainly can't believe how weird and screwed up I was last year - having a crush on Simon and all (stalking him I guess), music, friends and problems arising. Now it's like, problems still arise yet I've forgotten completely about Simon except for his birthday, which came and went. Doesn't mean that I hate him, it's just that I finally moved on from all the crap from last year and developed a new, calmer part of me that I wish I had all my life. I dunno, I'm over analyzing myself too much lately, I think. But I do know that I do feel a little bit closer to my friends that I see every day and kinda hang out with them for a while.

Anyways, I'm gonna post at one point tonight about what's been happening with me in the last few days. i also wanna give a big, happy shoutout to Colin and CoRri for putting up with me and feeling like a close family to me. I love you.
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