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long day yesterday (valentine's day)

Valentine's Day was both good and kinda bad and depressing. Had a really nice romantic date with Mike which went really well! Before our evening date, I was upset about something that had to do with Kelly, which I'm not gonna get into right now since I'm really tired.Don't worry, I'm not mad at her or anything. But Mike helped out and cheered me up for the day, which was great! Thanks babe!

So the rest of the day was relaxing. I napped out when I got home from school for about an hour. Then woke up realizing that I needed to get ready for my date. Then he showed up a bit late, but that was ok, because I was a little slow at getting ready myself. So we went out for dinner, got some pizza, ran into some cool friends of ours at the pizza place, then went home. We talked about all kinds of stuff, kissed, cuddled, and talked some more. It was great!

A couple of hours ago, Kelly arrived and will be staying here for about two weeks, which is great!! Now she's watching TV with my dad and talking to him and stuff. :-) While I write in here, I'm watching Logan, Josh, & Camp at the same time.... Logan's sleeping, Josh's cam frozed up which I turned off, and Camp's still up doing stuff I guess. Hi to y'all!

I totally remade my bed from scratch, which I'm glad I did. Now I get to sleep on the other side of the bed. :-) Speaking of bed, I think that's where I'll head for right now. Hope you guys and gals had a good Valentine's Day.
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