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*cough* *sneeze* argh!

I'm at home sick... I feel sicker than I did yesterday. So I called Colin at 7am and asked to do me a favor and call me back later today. He said he would. Then I crawled back into bed coughing in my sleep for an hour or two, then eventually got up. Been coughing all damn morning, crazy and annoying!

I have some homework I need to catch up on, or I'm screwed. I also need to be decently well for my singing scholarship try-out, which is tonight. I wish I wasn't so sick though, and I probably won't even get the scholarship for voice lessons. But it's really important to me to have it, that's another reason why I'm staying home to get better.

Guess I'll start working on stuff and taking my vitamins and be a "good girl." Will write laterz.
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