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Long entry from last few days...

Friday was good. Worked at the Middle School for an hour an a half. Then went back to school and hung out with what seemed like a lot of people. Hung out at school till about 4:45pm. I was about to take the bus home when Colin caught me leaving and asked me if I needed a ride. So I took the offer, and got a ride home. :-)

Walked in the house to dad being pissed at me for being home so "late". So i gave him a phony excuse as to why I was home later than usual. We went to San Rafael at 5pm, talked to Allison, who's going to Palistine tomorrow for a few weeks to make peace and all. :-) So I'm gonna wish her a bunch of good luck, because it'll be a hard trip! Long story that I don't want to get into, but yeah... Then at 6pm, dad dropped me off at the Oasis after being overwhelmed with political stuff. I was close to asking my dad to turn around and take me home, because I was feeling down in the dumps about issues happening around the world and talking to Colin and my dad and other people about that same issue, it got me all worked up to anger and depression. But I figured the Oasis would make me feel better.

On Lisa played and they were hot!! I loved them, and bought their current CD. :-) After them was Emaneht. The lead singer (forgetting her name at the moment) thought it would be cool of me to do a few back-up vocals on their songs. So I did, and had fun with it. A few people at the end of the night came up to me and said that I did an excellent job on the vocals. They were wondering if I was on their CD, and disappointed later that I wasn't on there. Ah well, it's ok. Then Wit's End played!!! Shout out to Brian - love ya! :-) Man, they rocked San Rafael!!! After that was Bemis; they were alright, not that crazy about them but supported them anyway. Last band was V-Town Have Nots. I didn't hear too much of them because I was outside chatting, but they sounded good.

Went home Friday night and crashed out at 1am in front of the computer, in the midst of reading LJ Friends entries. Woke up Saturday at 2pm, realizing I need to get a whole bunch of homeowkr done for tomorrow. So i worked on some Economics stuff, fooled around and went back and forth from there. Had pizza last night, exciting. :-) Went to bed late last night, didn't sleep that well because of my head being stuffy and acting funny. Woke up this morning at 8am cuz I couldn't sleep.

Dad left for a presentation in San Jose at 11am this morning and has been gone since then. He's supposed to be back about now, but who knows what's going on. So I've been doing my Poetry homework, being a good gal that I am and chilling. Earlier, I decided to leave, take a bus to Tiburon and walk around in the parks for a few hours. Due to the fact that I had waited for 40 minutes for a Tibu bus in the sun, I decided to screw it and come home. Maybe another day. :-)

So that's it for now. I'm on my 4th cup of tea for today and still doing homework. Everything's been good and mellow so far. Hope everyone else has had a great weekend. :-) Laterz...
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