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Good news

Back at home where LJ works. :-) My best friend is recovering from a horrible sickness and should be back in school by next Monday. So I'm relieved about that! My last entry was my worriness of this friend possibly not recovering quickly that he could've been close to dying. Luckily it's not the case.

Soar throat's coming back in really strong where it feels like a huge lump on the left part of my throat... I know it sounds gross and all, but it hurts soo horribly bad that it even makes it harder to talk or move my neck. Chorus was torture for me, trying to sing my hardest. But I lived and even sang a song alone near the end of the period to get some feedback on my singing and other stuff. made me feel great inside to have the courage to perform alone to my class like that, which the first time for me.

I'm tired, so I'll rest and write more laterz.. Much love to y'all!!
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