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This time change sucks!

I can't even believe that it's almost 10pm... I know that sounds stupid, but today went by way too quickly. I got up late this morning and didn't really do much of anything, except checked on some school stuff that I may have to do for tomorrow. It reminds me: I need to finish an essay in Economics class, and I'll be caught up. I hate essays. I may have to go into school early to get help, but I'd rather not.

Now i have to get use to getting up at 6am and the sun not being out yet. Argh ok, it'll be ok. I'll be ok. Spring Break is basically over and back to school and stress. But I'll live thru it.

Yesterday was quite interesting. I don't remember what happened before 2pm, but my dad and I went to Berkeley for some political peace. :-) A few speakers were there and even Max B's mom was there and I met her before the event started. Unfortunately, Max wasn't there, but she said that she somehow knew my dad from some weekly group that they both participate in. So that was great! After the speakers spoke for a few hours, there was a little African dance thing for an hour or so, which was the funnest way to end the night. I kinda had this problem of eyeing on a cute girl that looks exactly like Mollers! But I don't think it was her... But that whole event was real nice.

I couldn't sleep last night because of the stuffiness in my head and the whole eye thing bothering me from the day before. So I listened to music all night and didn't get to sleep till about 7am this morning.

Anyways, I'm doing much better, no eye infection, not much of a clogged head, but I still got the rough throat thing and coughing, which will linger into tomorrow. Not surprising. I'm gonna get cleaned up for tomorrow, and hit the sack early. Much love and peace to everyone. :-)
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