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success, other probs, etc.

Yesterday, I was able to finish listening and labeling most of my recent set of cassette tapes, which is a big accomplishment on my end of the table. Dad decided to come home early and scare the crap outta me. But that was alright...

Ever since yesterday evening, I have been having major eye problems, mainly in the left eye. Usually when I get sick, it starts with me having a soar throat, then stuffy nose and head. Then travels down the body afterwards. This little sickness I have is weird. It started with a huge headache, soar throat, slightly stuffy nose. But the weird thing is my left eye has been gushing out this sticky and liquidy, green eye crap constantly and it won't stop. It's like having a runny nose, but it's the eye instead. It's sooo incredibly infected now that it hurts to blink, and it's redder than it's ever gotten before. Kinda scary!

When I was waking up from the mix of dreams, I felt as if someone had glued my left eye closed completely. It was a mess trying to reopen it, but I did it. I think that I also rubbed it way too much over night in my sleep, which is another reason why it's infected and swollen... Ooopsy. Anyway, I'm putting this Silver water stuff on it, since my dad said it would help it get better within a day or so. So i hope it works.

Not sure what I'm doing today, but I feel part of my cold disappearing, except for the eye problem. The sun is creeping out a little today, which is also a good sign. Sun and happiness are always good things in life.

will write more laterz. Sorry for this being a long post.
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