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Last night was just dead horrible for me... Didn't get to sleep till 2am. Chatted with some ICQ people for a bit and thanks to Ariel she made me feel completely better and actually got me sleeping. :-)

Woke up kinda late this morning but still had enough time to get ready for school luckily. Everything went well till 1st period class. Our fucking school had a blackout for an hour and a half which REALLY pissed me off. I hate blackouts and our classroom was very dark and annoying! I was already depressed from thinking about Kelly and what's going on with her right now. But the rest of that class went well and we went on with what we had to do in there, so it was ok.

2nd period (chorus class) went well and the power came back on by then, so that put me in a better mood. Learned a few new tunes and they're gonna be great once our class learns them completely and gets them down good!

Lunch was kinda boring. Went to safeway and bought me some little fish snacks (I forget what they're called). Walked around for a bit, listened to some music. Then I decided to do my math hw which wasn't much but I knew it was due today. So I got that done and went to my 3rd period class.

3rd period (intergrated science 3/4) was both good and very annoying! I had a group assignment project with four immature guys. We all had to participate in our poster that we were gonna make, and I was the only one doing the work and coming up with ideas and shit. This was a bit unfair and at that point I was getting pissed off and about ready to rage because they were screwing around and not helping out! So our group's behind out of the rest of the groups in our damn class because of them. ARGH! but in the end, they were helpful and cooperative. Now WHY didn't they do that in the beginning in the first place?!? Oh well, our group will be able to still work on our project on Thursday, which is good. It was originally due today, but our teacher was nice enough to extend the due date to next time we have class together, which is Thursday. :-)

4th period (geometry math) was cool. Got full credit for my hw due today and nailed the start-up problems. Later on a few guys around weresorta distracting and talking about sex and how perfect I would be with certain guys and other stuff... I was like "omg I need to get back to work here, save that conversation for another time." I managed to get back to work even though I was blushing and embarrassed at that point, but oh well.

Then after school, I decided to walk home and not take the bus. It was a nice long walk. :-) Rest of the day was relaxing and nice. I talked to Kelly tonight and she's coming up here tomorrow and staying for two weeks! WOW I LOVE THAT!!!

Anyways, I gotta jet off and get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big busy good day for me. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and wish y'all the best of it!

Last thought: I wonder if there's a LJ chatroom or anything like that... If so, let me know.
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