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Weird dreams

I just woke up and remembering that I had the strangest dream about Izzicam's current situation. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, see her second or to current post from yesterday about it)

Anyway, my dream was about me ending up at Izzi's house out of the blue, along with my dad and some random friends. Izzi wasn't home, but J was. So I decided to chat with J about the current situation in their kitchen, and he seemed open about it all. I don't remember what was roughly said, but it ended with J saying that he would really miss Izzi. So I was like, "Awwww!" Afterwards, I randomly saw Izzi's big Yamaha keyboard sitting there. So I played it for a while and realized it was exactly like my current Yamaha keyboard.
Then the scene switched to my dad and I heading over to one of my teacher's house to help them out on their house cleaning. Kinda random, but the Fredricks family seemed to enjoy having me over there.
Then the scene changed and ended with Ramsey S walking on Strawberry Pt to a busstop so that he could get to school. He looked all beat up, tired and careless that I offered him some bus money to get there. So we both stood outside in the cold for a good while, waiting for a bus to come. THEN:

I woke up.
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