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Accomplishments at home while sick

Today was rather intersting for me... Woke up this morning feeling real sick in the head on top of a nasty soar throat. But I took a whole bunch of vitamins and other healthy stuff, which kicked in an hour afterwards. So from 11am till about 5pm, I've been going thru most of my recent cassette tapes from last year till now and listening and labeling them. it's extremely time consuming, but it's fun. I got more than half way thru, so I'll finish up the rest of this set tomorrow.

it's funny to even go thru the stuff from last year, especially the recordings from geometry lessons I needed for studying purposes. In one of the tapes, Blaine asked Mr. Brutlag before the daily lesson started: "Can I record you on my tape recorder for the daily lessons?" Brutlag's response was, "Probably not." Trying to be like me! (j/k) It was also embarrassing for me to hear me make a big ass out of myself in class and get sooo low-quality on anything, ya know... Glad I'm not as stupid as I was last year. Anyways, enough on that subject.

I've been feeling pretty sick and stuffy in the last few days. But while I was doing my tape project, I started feeling better by the hour, which was great. For me not getting out of the house or having any exposure to people and surroundings except my dad, I think the change of the weather this week screwed things up for my body. Going from really sunny and nice to cloudy, polluty (probably not a word) and gloomy outside has a bad affect on me this year than the rest of the times... I just hope i don't get sick every time the weather changes from good to bad; it would really suck!

Anyways, I'm chilling and kinda waiting for Colin to call me so I can ask him a question, since he's not home or anything. Will write tomorrowz. Peace out to everyone.
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