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This entry is for Colin and his band, you know who you are

Friday night was the best night to see Only On Tuesdays play at the Phoenix. Clear skies, warm atmosphere, and tons of fun! After my dad dropped me off at about 7pm, I was ready to have some fun and check out the scene... Guys skateboarding, the band setting their stuff up, and me talking to a few people here and there. By about 8pm, the show was about to start kicking some ass!

I don't remember how many total songs they played, but there was a mix of new and older stuff. The last song they played was slow and seemed kinda sad to me, for some reason. But they did an excellent job of playing it. After that, they did an act of leaving the stage pissed, then coming back a minute later and saying "Thanks." it was great!

The sound system in there was the bestest I've ever heard, compared to the freaking Oasis. That place is getting worse as time goes on. I think the last time I'll ever go there is when Only On Tuesdays play there on April 26th, then call it quits on going there after that date. But that's a different subject, in which I'll get into some other time. Anyways the mix of the band at the Phoenix came out really awesome, especially when I found out that Blaine's drums were actually miked!! Man, his drums totally blew me away throughout their set. Everything so precise! What unbelievable stuff, I tell ya. For once, I could actually hear and understand Colin's singing and part of the lyrics, which was nice. And Chris sounded really awesome on bass. They were all great!

Here's something that I kinda regret though, and I'm not sure what to do or how to take it. But I asked Colin before they started playing if I could record them. I think he was ok with it. I recorded their set and I even listened to it on headphones while it was recording to hear what it sounded like. It sounded great while it was recording, but when I played part of it back, I was disappointed to find out that it recorded horribly. The recording came out so bad that I'm like afraid to listen to the whole thing and have a negative reaction to it all... I don't know, but I don't want to think about that right now.

I'm just glad to have enjoyed their show at the time, because I met Danielle and I love seeing the band play. It totally made my Friday night an awesome one. Love ya all!
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