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Survey thingy from CoRri :-)

nine things you wear daily:
9. Shoes
8. Pants
7. Socks
6. t-shirt
5. Sweater or Sweat-shirt
4. Oasis color bands on my wrist
3. Watch
2. Earrings
1. Hairtie

eight movies you'd watch over and over:
8. The Wizard of Oz
7. Office Space
6. Captain Rod (or Ron)
5. Forest Gump
4. Sound of Music
3. Gaslight
2. Stand By Me
1. The Breakfast Club (??)

seven albums that matter:
7. Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic
6. Incubus: Make Yourself
5. Steely Dan: Android Warehouse
4. Growth of Alliance: Bug
3. The Band: The Band (Brown Album)
2. Steely Dan: Katy Lied
1. Switchfoot: Learning To Breathe

Six objects you touch every day:
6. My ukelele (or guitar)
5. Walkman
4. Mouse
3. keyboard
2. Tea cup
1. Dinner tables

Five things you do every day:
5. Walk
4. Hang out with peeps at school
3. Listen to music
2. Talk and laugh
1. Sleep

Four bands that you couldn't live without:
4. Only On Tuesdays
3. Wit's End
2. Steely Dan
1. The Locals!

Three of your favorite songs at the moment:
3. The Doors: Whisky Bar
2. Only On Tuesdays: Watermelon Gum
1. Wit's End: 40 Mgs

Two people that have influenced your life the most:
2. Colin!!!
1. CoRri!!!

One thing you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. Playing music and singing
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